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LandMark™007 IMU Offers Low-Noise Performance for High Dynamic Applications


LandMark™007 IMU Offers Low-Noise Performance for High Dynamic Applications

Higher rate, higher acceleration applications benefit from SWaP-C advantages of MEMS-based inertial systems

Gladiator Technologies’ LandMark™007 inertial measurement unit (IMU) combines low noise, high range sensors and VELOX high speed output in a rugged IMU package measuring only 0.7 in3. Featuring rate ranges up to 2000°/s and acceleration ranges as high as 200g, the LandMark007 IMU provides demanding, precision performance for a range of high dynamic, rugged applications.

All LandMark007 IMUs feature VELOX™ high-speed message timing to minimize digital message phase lag. It also includes high-speed output data rates (up to 10 kHz) for measurement accuracy and flexibility.  These high-speed features are complemented by low noise gyros with an ARW of <0.0035°/s/√Hz (0.15°/√hr) and low noise accelerometers with a VRW of <6mg/√Hz.

“The LandMark007 IMU is uniquely designed to meet the industry’s need for a compact, rugged and high performance, cost-effective IMU. Extensive conditioning and testing ensure reliable, stable measurements for our customers with high dynamic applications,” said Eric Yates, Gladiator Technologies’ Sales Manager.  “We are seeing strong interest in the LandMark007 and LandMark007X IMUs from applications which otherwise have been limited to highly-specialized, and therefore expensive, IMU solutions.”

IMUs with less than or equal to 98g linear acceleration range are designated as LandMark™007 IMUs. IMUs with greater than 98g linear acceleration range are designated as LandMark007X IMUs. The LandMark007 IMU is exported categorized as ECCN7A994 and the LandMark007X is export categorized as ECCN7A103.

A LandMark007 IMU development kit is available for set-up, configuration and data collection. Product details are available on the Gladiator Technologies website, 

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