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Indshine reached 1000 users from 126+ countries in 3 months from launch


Indshine reached 1000 users from 126+ countries in 3 months from launch

Indshine reached its thousand users with Palacios Robert from Orux Drone on-boarded as 1000th user calling it as “Google drive + QGIS”. Indshine full version was launched on 15th July 2019.  It received an exciting response from 126+ countries in a span of 3 months from drone mapping companies, GIS experts and enterprises from Mining, Construction, and Agriculture.

Indshine platform simplifies the consumption of drone and satellite maps and helps drone mapping companies, GIS Experts and organizations in Agri, Mining, and Construction to work and analyze maps in real-time collaboration.

Carlos Orion, co-founder at Velbrax Agro, providing drone-based solutions in Brazil, South America for Agriculture based Organisations (Sugarcane and Orange), says “Indshine is a new concept of mapping share. You can choose how many and how people have access. It’s the best way to show my results to existing and prospective clients”.

Marko Culic, Head at AGS Geosystems,  providing drone-based solutions in Serbia, Europe for Mining, Civil and Land surveying Corporations, says “With Indshine we are able to provide our clients with easy access and analysis of the up-to-date state of the construction sites. ”.

Raj Bikram Maharjan, CEO at Airlift, providing drone-based solutions in Nepal, Asia for Municipal Corporations, says “Indshine’s web platform has worked us as a boon. It has become much easier and more efficient in terms of sharing drone maps with our clients without worrying about their hardware specs.”

Brian Chikura, GIS Engineer at Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) and providing land-based solutions in Zimbabwe, Africa for Mining Corporations, says “Digital mapping is about to change our world by documenting the real world in real-time, then integrating the information into our computers, phones, and lifestyles. Indshine solution is introducing the world to the power of geography by enabling cloud-based efficient GIS work collaboration, and data sharing”.

Indshine is revolutionizing the way people work on drone and satellite maps by providing a phenomenal SAAS collaborative drone mapping analytics platform to visualize-collaborate-get insights out of high-resolution maps. The whole user experience has been ensured smooth and hassle-free with the most intuitive UI/UX ever. Indshine is dedicated to enabling an effective decision-making forum through collaborative map analytics. 

Login at Indshine for exploring free datasets.

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